Why choose Krav Maga at Reactive Krav Maga UK? | Self defence choices

Choosing a self defence school is very hard, especially when you are a complete beginner. The fact that you are looking to start martial arts, a fighting style or self defence is already a great achievement and you should try and focus on something that works for you.

Reactive Krav Maga UK

With that being said we at Reactive Krav Maga have chosen to be part of the biggest independent Krav Maga organization in the world, CKMI ( Combat Krav Maga International). With instructors all over the world and headed by top Israeli Krav Maga instructor Lior Offenbach, a former detective and police officer with extensive experience in Judo, Grappling, boxing and of course Krav Maga. But what does all that mean to you?

What’s in it for me?

What does independent organization actually mean? Well, you do not have to pay for a yearly membership fee, you do not need to pay affiliation tax to the organization and you don’t need to buy mandatory equipment from us to start training. There is no mandatory testing or levels, belts or patches. These are things only made for profit and to give students the impresion of progression, oh achieving something, with, of course, a fee for every level you achieve. If ever you end up in a life and death situation we doubt your attacker will ask you what belt you are before attacking. But all jokes aside, this means more freedom for you to do what you like and are capable of.

The training

Krav Maga is being used around the world to train elite army, special forces and police units, VIP and protection officers. It is also the official fighting system of the Israeli Army and it is being taught all over the world in schools, clubs, community centres and sports clubs. It has been recognised as the easiest and most efficient self defence system to learn.Our approach to Krav Maga is simple and efficient. We believe tradition is a good thing in martial arts, but not in Krav Maga, we must always challenge and evolve in order to keep up with reality. Krav Maga is based on muscle memory, natural reaction and dynamic stress drills that will simulate as best as possible the real situations on the street. There are no forms or “katas” there is no fixed or set technique. There are only principles that need to be followed and a clear progression of techniques and responses based on the attackers intent and action. You will train with different partners, will use simulation rubber pistols and knives to come as close to the real thing as possible. We will teach you the basics of stand up fighting, punching, kicking, moving and manipulation as well as grappling and ground fighting. You will learn how to defend against multiple attackers and how to approach situations when attackers are armed with either a knife, pistol, stick or long gun.

Safety in Training

Training must simulate as best as possible real situations but it must never endanger students. We will always ensure that the proper protection is used when drilling or sparring and the amount of force used has to be withing the capabilities of the partners engaged in the exercise.

Respecting others and cross training

One of the most important things you will learn at Reactive Krav Maga is what our chief instructor of Combat Krav Maga International, Lior Offenbach has always said: Respecting different martial arts and fighting systems is very important and training in boxing, grappling, kick boxing and other systems if done under the right instructor will always benefit the students. There are many talented, strong and dedicated people that are doing different martial arts of fighting systems that deserve all the proper recognition. We will never keep our students from going to other gyms to cross train as long as it benefits them. We will never say that our Krav Maga is the only Krav Maga and the real one, like other organisations claim, or that training other self defence systems or fighting systems is a waste of time and money. Building the right mental attitude, muscle memory and reflexes needed to survive on the street is a process that takes time, dedication and benefits from all the positive input available.

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