3 Day Dynamic Pistol Course


A full 3 day course that will take you from basic understanding of the pistol platform all the way to dynamic shooting and tactical reloads.

This course is designed for anyone looking to fast track into dynamic pistol shooting, regardless of level or experience.

All courses are taught in English by internationally trained staff and instructors.

What is included in your package

Accomodation for 3 days plus breakfast in a premium location, close to your designated shooting range.

We will pick you up at designated hours from the airport and drop off at your hotel. Once the course is finished we will drop you off at the airport for your flight back home.

You will be provided with 350 rounds of live fire 9mm ammunition. You will have the ability  to buy more if you desire.

Use of our Glock, Beretta or Sig Sauer pistols and Roni Pistol Carbine as well as PPE, holsters and mag pouches.

No need to worry about getting to the range. We will have a shuttle bus ready to take you to the range every day of your training and drop you off when finished.

Realistic approach to self defense, knife and pistol disarms, fundamentals of striking and movement and tactical mindset. We will combine aggression drills, stress training, puncking, kicking and kneeing with dynamic shooting to get you as close as possible to realistic scenarios.

Due to the international nature of this course and the varied background and location of our participants flights are not provided. 

Recommended gear and equipment to bring

Tactical belt - 40mm

Sturdy tactical type belt – 40mm, able to take weight of pistol holster and magazine pouches.

Appropriate footwear and clothing.

Please bring trainers that you can move, run, and do quick direction changes and loose clothing that you can workout in.

Boxing or fingerless gloves

Protective gloves for your hands will help you stay safe during our self defense drills and while working on the pads and focus mitts.

The course is going to cover:

  • Understanding of how a semiautomatic pistol works, principles of correct sight acquision and tactical mindset.
  • Tactical reloading and emergency reloading
  • Correct use of cover and concealment
  • Static and dynamic shooting
  • Shooting drills like El Presidente, Mozambique, malfunction clearing drills, etc
  • Self defense techniques and drills against armed attackers (knife and gun) as well as failure and stress drills

Please add your details below  to book your place.

The full price of the course is £490 , you can choose to pay £150 deposit to reserve your spot. If choosing deposit the rest of the payment has to be made 30 days prior to the event start date.