Dear All,

We have to begin by thanking you for your patience, trust and understanding during these particularly trying times. This year has been unprecedented from many points of view and we’ve all had to make many sacrifices in the meantime.

We understand that other self-defense clubs have taken the decision to restart indoor classes and, while we were looking forward to re-opening our Krav Maga classes, meeting you all again, as well as welcoming new students, we have made the decision that we value your safety and health over profit.

We have never asked for yearly fees, there is no mandatory equipment for anyone to buy or the requirement to pay by direct debit. We are the most flexible and understanding organization and our students can back that up. After having looked at the most trusted combat organizations in the U.K including the BMABA (British Martial Arts and Boxing Association), England Boxing, the British Judo Association, UKBJJA (UK Brazilian JiuJitsu Association), among others, none of them currently support infringing the 2-meter rule as well as contact training, which includes wrestling, sparring, pad work, etc.

With this in mind, we have decided that, at least for the time being and pending any new Government guidelines, that we will abstain from teaching any new classes. This is not a decision that we took lightly but we firmly believe, as those who have attended our classes know, that Krav Maga prioritizes safety in training above all things.

Our classes take place in the Somerstown Community Centre, which belongs to the Portsmouth City Council. Because of this, we have to adhere to higher standards of Health and Safety, meant to ensure that we will not experience a second wave of Covid-19.

We have to pay our respects to those who have lost their lives or loved ones during these unprecedented times by ensuring we keep each other safe.

Restarting our classes now would mean that we would have forsaken the sacrifice others have made as well as not being able to give you the full Krav Maga experience you deserve, like we have been used to. That means the students would only attend a fitness class instead of learning self-defense, and that is not what Krav Maga is about.

We fully support everyone in cross-training and we encourage you to keep fit and do as much exercise as possible. Even if you feel like you want to start Krav Maga with another organization, we completely understand. However, we ask you to please put your safety and that of others, above all.

As soon as we have any updates, both our website as well as our social media will be updated accordingly.

Thank you for reading, stay safe and be kind to each other.