We are part of Combat Krav Maga International (CKMI). Krav Maga  is a self-defense system developed for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) that consists of a wide combination of techniques sourced from different fighting methods, that were adapted to street fighting and realistic real-world situations and it’s extremely efficient.

Krav maga is taught to civilians and professionals ranging from civilian self defense up to governmental operatives, military, law-informant, VIP protection, SWAT, etc.

Krav maga is ever evolving, adapting itself to reality.

Krav maga is not a martial art – it is a fighting system.

Your Instructor

Vlad Cepraga – has been teaching Krav Maga for 8 years and has experience in Boxing, Kick-Boxing and MMA.  Former instructor for the Romanian Krav Maga Kapap Federation and Instructor of the Italian Urban Krav Maga school headed by  master Cristian Burde. Now Vlad has joined forces with the biggest independent Krav Maga organization in the world, Combat Krav Maga International (CKMI) headed by former Israeli police detective Lior Offenbach.

The experience of teaching for  different organisations (with  different approaches and techniques) has made Vlad realise that Krav Maga is a strong, adaptive fighting system that can offer anyone a solution when faced with dangerous situations.

Vlad is also actively involved in the local community offering self defence classes to people overcoming addiction through sport. The Society of St. James along with Pompey in the Community have developed Refit: “Taking part in regular exercise and group activities can significantly improve the quality of life for vulnerable people and our service users report significant improvements in their physical and mental health, self esteem and social interaction.” From The Society of St. James Website.

Also he is teaching Krav Maga to the students and staff at the University of Portsmouth through weekly classes at the Spinnaker Sport Centre. These classes are supported by free workshops once a month offered by the University of Portsmouth Student Union.

Below are some of the various certifications and trainings attended over the years.

Combat Krav Maga International

What is our mission?

We are very passionate and honest about our krav maga. We don’t teach you how to only survive. We teach you how to fight.

We believe that a thinking fighter is a better fighter, but we also believe that thinking should not replace fighting. Nothing will come instead of hard physical work. We train the muscular memory first, then cognition – not the other way around.

We believe you learn by doing. We believe the only way to become a better fighter is to fight. We will teach you, we will show you how, we will, if necessary, correct you. But we will not make you listen to us lecturing.

Our idea of training is extremely simple: no nonsense. We believe that only blood, sweat and tears will get you there.